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Asset Searches

Asset Searches

Asset Searches - If someone owes you money, we would imagine you would want it paid back to you. Most of the time going to court is the last resort. Uncollectible judgments can be a very costly court case and delivered with a very large Attorney/legal bill. It is a great idea to check out the individuals that you will be investing with as well. This will determine if they are financially solvent and credible. Before you spend a lot of time and your life savings taking this matter to court, an asset investigation will thoroughly explain everything concerning the individual or company in question.

SSG will perform a thorough background check; perform surveillance if needed, database computer search, as criminal and civil checks and a financial and business background check. The asset investigations will expose exactly what kind of collectible assets and financial status the individual or business has. Whether you're investigating in a business or individual, an asset search will determine how likely you are to get your money back, whether you should invest, and if it goes bad whether or not it would be cost effective to take it to court.

SSG's Investigators have extensive experience in the following areas thus can customize an investigation to meet your needs.

  • » Asset Searches
  • » Background Checks
  • » Bug Sweep and Detection
  • » Child Custody
  • » Child Support
  • » Civil Investigations
  • » Missing Persons
  • » Polygraph Examinations
  • » Repossessions
  • » Corporate Investigations
  • » Criminal
  • » Domestic
  • » Due Diligence
  • » Electronic Surveillance
  • » Financial
  • » Surveillance
  • » Trial Preparation
  • » Workers Compensation
  • » Fraud Investigations
  • » General Investigations
  • » Identify Theft
  • » Infidelity Investigations
  • » Insurance Fraud
  • » Judgement Recovery
  • » Wrongful Death Investigations

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