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Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity Investigations - Thinking that your spouse may be cheating is a difficult and excruciating thought. If you have a notion that your spouse is being or has been unfaithful to you, chances are very high that you are right. In today's technological era, people are using cybernetic (computers) to have passionate or zealous emotional affairs as well as having an easy and discreet method of contacting a person to "meet up" with; these are commonly called "virtual encounters".

The investigation to catch an adulterous spouse will most likely include:

  • Surveillance - SSG's Surveillance Specialists will observe your spouse through advanced and discreet surveillance techniques in order to validate your concerns and that you have the evidence you will need to move forward. Surveillance is strongly encouraged for this type of investigation.
  • Evidence collection- When the Surveillance Specialists uncover evidence of adultery, such evidence can help you in improving your divorce settlement or to confront your spouse, whichever way you deem appropriate. Just as important, surveillance may lead to other incriminating evidence.
  • Professional techniques - SSG will also utilize their well versed cadre of seasoned law enforcement investigators and technology based investigative techniques to guide and enhance the client's case.

SSG's Investigators have extensive experience in the following areas thus can customize an investigation to meet your needs.

  • » Asset Searches
  • » Background Checks
  • » Bug Sweep and Detection
  • » Child Custody
  • » Child Support
  • » Civil Investigations
  • » Missing Persons
  • » Polygraph Examinations
  • » Repossessions
  • » Corporate Investigations
  • » Criminal
  • » Domestic
  • » Due Diligence
  • » Electronic Surveillance
  • » Financial
  • » Surveillance
  • » Trial Preparation
  • » Workers Compensation
  • » Fraud Investigations
  • » General Investigations
  • » Identify Theft
  • » Infidelity Investigations
  • » Insurance Fraud
  • » Judgement Recovery
  • » Wrongful Death Investigations

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