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Security Consultants

Security Consultants - SSG is equipped with a staff of video and photographic Surveillance Security Specialists who can design how to secure your area of concern, recommend the type of equipment which will work best for the situations, and install the equipment in a timely manner. The Security staff will demonstrate how to utilize the equipment, store it, and clean up the memory. There will be a warranty on the equipment and the client will have easy access to the Security staff for complimentary consultation/s on your equipment if problems arise. Both video and photographic security techniques provide potential record of unusual or criminal activity, and just as importantly, offer peace of mind.

Home Security - SSG's Security staff has extensive experience in providing and installing home security video surveillance. This type of video or photographic surveillance can help monitor your home while you are away.

Property security surveillance - A wide array of items can be protected or monitored by video or motion censored surveillance. Electronic surveillance of a business, loading docks, doorways, cash registers, farmer's fields, game lands, etc., will help to safeguard your investments or keep your family safe. This type of surveillance can easily help in gathering evidence of fraud, employee theft or dishonesty of some form, and other problems that can affect your assets and business. Electronic surveillance can easily deter all of this happening as well.

SSG's Investigators have extensive experience in the following areas thus can customize an investigation to meet your needs.

  • » Asset Searches
  • » Background Checks
  • » Bug Sweep and Detection
  • » Child Custody
  • » Child Support
  • » Civil Investigations
  • » Missing Persons
  • » Polygraph Examinations
  • » Repossessions
  • » Corporate Investigations
  • » Criminal
  • » Domestic
  • » Due Diligence
  • » Electronic Surveillance
  • » Financial
  • » Surveillance
  • » Trial Preparation
  • » Workers Compensation
  • » Fraud Investigations
  • » General Investigations
  • » Identify Theft
  • » Infidelity Investigations
  • » Insurance Fraud
  • » Judgement Recovery
  • » Wrongful Death Investigations

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