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Surveillance Specialty Group provides a wide range of Security Services designed to meet your unique requirements from Armed and Unarmed Security Guards/Off-Duty/Retired Police Officers,Patrol Services, Video Surveillance Equipmentinstallation/maintenance/screening and MonitoringServices, Fire Alarm Installation, Consulting/Risk Assessment to Special Event Security and Personal Protection, serving individuals, businesses and organizations throughout the City of Houston and surrounding neighborhoods. We are experts in customizing security solutions utilizing innovative technology and well trained security personnel to ensure your safety and protect your assets.

We have teamed with Main Security and Investigations, in our endeavor to supply a wide range of clients with customized integrated security solutions. Whether you need Armed and Unarmed Security Guards, Off-Duty/Retired PoliceOfficers, Patrol Services, Video Surveillance Equipment installation and maintenance, Fire alarm installation, Monitoring Services, Consulting and Risk Assessment, or Special Event Security and Personal Protection, our common goal is to provide you with a broad team of experts in security, surveillance and investigation fields to ensure your security objectives and investigative assignments are well taken care of.

Risk Assessment

Our highly qualified management team with extensive experience in military, federal and law enforcement field, will customize a security plan, evaluate the current security program of your facility, identify weaknesses within the system, anticipate potential risks, and customize security solutions to optimize your particular security goals, suggesting security operations that are not just functionally efficient but also cost-efficient. The security consultant will perform a site visit assessment of your facility, interview the key contacts, obtain and analyze crime statistics and police department reports, etc.

Armed and Unarmed Security Officers

Non-Commissioned Security Officers and Commissioned Security Officers must be licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Unarmed Security Officers are trained to properly write reports, respond to emergency situations should one arise while they are on duty, and in handling crowd control. In addition, the Armed Security Officers are well trained in weapon proficiency as well as in weapon safety.

They are both focused on how to prevent crime or violence providing a safe environment and in excellent customer service. Our management team will ensure the officers receive training in handling security technology required for your facility along with on-site training.

According to your facility specifications and as part of our customized security solutions, SSG officers’ security services include:

  • Foot Patrol Services
  • Bike Patrol Services
  • Mobile Patrol Services

Additionally we employ and assign the right security officers based on their level of experience, aptitude, professionalism, intercommunication skills and character. Each security officer must pass an extensive interview process, a comprehensive background investigation, a drug and alcohol screen test and an Aptitude Test. If language preference is one of your requirements, we would choose an officer with such an advantage.

Automated Reporting System.

Along with assigning a Security Officer to your location, the Officer will be provided with an Automated Reporting System. This includes a GPS and a Guard Tour System that allows our management team to follow the officer’s real time movement, collect detailed reports about the client’s site, receive notifications and incident reports instantly. All reports will be available to you at your request.


Off-Duty/Retired Police Officers

Off-Duty and Retired Police Officers are known for their extensive training, organization and management skills, as well as for knowledge of safety and security. Off-Duty Police Officers have the full power of arrest and are usually assigned to specific high-stakes workplace situations that involve personal and asset protection, workplace threats, employee terminations, escorting couriers, crowd control and traffic control. According to your security needs and the level of protection your business or personnel require, the presence of an Off-Duty Police Officer will always create a calm and safe environment.


Video Surveillance System Installation/Screening/Maintenance

CCTV & Control Services

Closed Circuit Television, combined with the latest innovation technology, is primarily used to prevent theft and vandalism and increase safety in places that otherwise wouldn’t be secure. Such devises also help businesses and organizations drive operational efficiency by reducing false claims, improving customer responsibility, and increasing productivity level and work ethic of employees by providing data analysis generated by its video analytics. Cameras can be monitored or watched by our trained professionals 24/7 or it can be a movement activated watch, notifying the monitor on activity only, at a much lower cost. The surveillance system can be linked to other software systems for personal identification and crisis management and can be monitored through any wireless devises like smart phones or tablets via internet access. High quality surveillance recordings are securely backed-up and stored and can be used in legal proceedings later in the court of law. CCTV is an advance technology that serves well a large industry:

Retail stores/Shopping Centers – reduce internal and external theft from shoppers and employees.

Construction Sites- reduce construction site theft, keep out criminal and intruders and monitor working efficiency.

Warehouses/manufacturing facilities – prevent and reduce theft, monitor employees and operations.

Hospitals and Health Care Facilities – deter vandalism and criminal activities, prevent intruders from accessing restricted areas, meet health safety standards.

Commercial Buildings & Office Buildings – improve customer service, reduce liability brought by false claims, and prevent internal theft.

Educational Institutions – deter criminal activities and trespassers from accessing the property, ensure the safety of school personnel.

Gated Communities – ensure the safety of residents and visitors, reduce theft, burglaries and vandalism, and prevent trespassers.

According to your facility specifications and as part of our customized security solutions, SSG Video Surveillance System and Monitoring Services Include:

  • Site Security evaluation
  • Wireless network design
  • Installation support and configuration
  • Video surveillance maintenance and screening
  • Monitoring services 24/7

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