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Child Support and Custody Investigations

Child Support and Custody Investigations - In cases of divorce or separation, child custody and financial support investigations can help make certain that the child involved will not only stay safe but will be financially provided for in the foreseeable future. A parent or court may order a child custody investigator to determine what the child's life experiences are like regarding both parents and with close or extended family relatives. Investigations of parents or relatives can uncover prolonged neglect, child abuse, alcoholism, or drug abuse within the home and/or in sight of the child.

A child custody investigator may use surveillance to determine what happens when a parent or person(s) of concern are with the child. SSG's sister company "The Surveillance Specialty Group" specializes in providing discreet covert surveillances. Surveillance Specialists will document, photograph or video tape abuse, neglect or other evidences which indicates that the child is being mistreated and may be in imminent danger. Surveillance Specialists will determine whether a parent or parents indulge in reckless driving, criminal activity, alcoholism, neglect, or other activities which may affect a child's welfare.

Once the investigation becomes overt, SSG Investigators will question the parents; have them fill out the appropriate parental documents concerning their parenting style with the child. Additionally, investigators will investigate for witnesses and petition witnesses for the court on behalf of the client.

Evidence and the findings uncovered and provided by the Private Investigators to the Attorney carries credibility in court, much more than a parent's accusation, therefore the hiring of an experienced and well qualified professional investigator is critical to your case.

SSG's Investigators have extensive experience in the following areas thus can customize an investigation to meet your needs.

  • » Asset Searches
  • » Background Checks
  • » Bug Sweep and Detection
  • » Child Custody
  • » Child Support
  • » Civil Investigations
  • » Missing Persons
  • » Polygraph Examinations
  • » Repossessions
  • » Corporate Investigations
  • » Criminal
  • » Domestic
  • » Due Diligence
  • » Electronic Surveillance
  • » Financial
  • » Surveillance
  • » Trial Preparation
  • » Workers Compensation
  • » Fraud Investigations
  • » General Investigations
  • » Identify Theft
  • » Infidelity Investigations
  • » Insurance Fraud
  • » Judgement Recovery
  • » Wrongful Death Investigations

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