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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Houston the only area where classes will be held?
No, we will hold a class anywhere in the United States as long as the class student size meets the minimum requirement.

Is there a written test or does every one pass the course just by attending?
There is a comprehensive written exam at the end of each level training class. The exam consists of true and false, fill in the blank, multiple choice, and supply the definition of terms and types. 100 percent attendance is mandatory to pass the class as well as 80 percent score on the final exam. Unfortunately we cannot offer guaranteed refunds if students fail or drop out of the class. Unforeseen circumstances involving dropping the class will be examined on a case-by-case basis.

Will I receive proof that I attended and passed the class?
We will award every passing student a Certificate of Completion. The certificate will clearly list the training criteria and standards.

Will this class help me in qualifying for a Federal, State or Local Police jobs?
Most definitely it will. Depending on your other qualification, these classes can put you over-the-top for qualifying for a surveillance position with the Federal Government and/or law enforcement. Remember, there's not a great deal of covert physical surveillance training available and affordable in America today. Most of the training offered is by the Federal Government and only after you've been hired by them. We pride ourselves on offering the highest possible quality of training as the federal agencies do.

I am a CEO of a large company and like parts of level II and level IV; can you design a class to meet my company's specific needs?
Yes we can and would be happy to do so. You tell us your situation and what you would like in a class and we will design a class to meet those needs.

I will need to arrange a babysitter so I need to know, will the class's end as scheduled
Exactly at 8hrs, 24 hrs etc. Like performing surveillance, classes may run over the scheduled time allotments. I would prepare to stay a little longer than what the time allotments indicate. We take your desire and efforts in learning this profession very very seriously and are completely dedicated to stay as long as it takes and to put in as much time as necessary to make sure the students "get it".

Do I need to bring my vehicle for the vehicular surveillance exercises?
- No, for the level II and III we will supply the vehicles.
- Make sure you bring very comfortable walking shoes for the foot exercises; we don't supply shoes...

Where do you hold the training?
We usually hold the class at an upscale hotel and in a medium size conference room. We attempt to make it a comfortable learning experience.

Is the eight hour class presented through the dreaded "death-by-PowerPoint"?
We have developed an eight hour PPT class that is "partially" presented through PPT and includes an abundance of video and still photographic examples which demonstrates what we are teaching. We found this method keeps the student's attention and desire to learn throughout the entire class. We also found that students learn faster through observable examples as it helps in retention and accelerates the learning process. We also switch up instructors so the students don't hear the same voice or look at the same instructor for the entire class.

Do I have to provide some kind of identification to attend the class?
Yes. We, as does the profession, require all students to have a valid driver's license from the state that they reside from and free from suspension. There will also be a student questionnaire which is designed to educate us as to the level of experience of the students attending the class.

If I have a question(s) not on this list how can I get them answered?
Our email addresses are on the Surveillance Specialty Group website, please, feel free to send us any questions you may have via our emails.

After I graduate, can I call or email you all if I have a situation that I need guidance or a little more expertise in?
Yes, absolutely you can, we can be your Wikipedia or reference manual if you would like.

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